Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

On the Road Again

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our title this week is "On the Road Again", not because we travelled a lot but because we got our car back on Monday after having it in the garage for a week.  It is running great, however.  

This was a busy week.  We had our regular lessons that all went well.  Our Branch is starting a "Self Reliance" group.  Our group is about finding a job.  We have 4 people in the group.  We spent some time preparing for this.

We also did some Home Teaching this week.  We shared a message and had lunch with some good friends, the Dampt's.  They will be driving to the temple with us tomorrow.

Ed had the opportunity to teach 3 times with the missionaries.  We taught our usual classes, as well.  we are just starting a new Institute course called "Foundations of the Restoration".  It is going to be great and judging from the first lesson the students are going to love it.  

Tuesday was a special day in France.  It was a holiday called Chandeleur.  It is a day when people make crêpes.   It is 40 days after Christ's birth and the supposed day (according to the Catholics) that his parents presented Him at the Temple.  The crêpe represents the sun (As in The Son of God).  So here this day is celebrated by making and eating crêpes.  As you are cooking you flip the crêpe with one hand and hold a coin with the other.  This is supposed to bring you good luck.  Anyways, we served crêpes to our students between French Gospel class and Institute class.  We filled them with peanut butter, bananas, apple sauce, nutella and sugar with lemon.                                                                                                                                                                            
The Gallette is made with Buckwheat Flour (Sarraisin) and is usually served as a savoury crêpe.

In our French Gospel class this week Ed decided to get the students speaking more.  He took advantage of the French speakers  (Elders and Lynn) to work with the students by reading with them and asking questions on what was read.  It went very well.  

On Wednesday Lynn went to the doctor's because of a rash on her head as well as severe acid reflux.  We went to a doctor who is a less active member of our Branch.  He gave her a prescription for some meds which she's taking.  He thinks it's an allergic reaction.  Things seem to be going better now.  

On Thursday Ed spent most of the day in Reims.  He went there to do some work on the Elders' apartment.  He changed a light switch, secured another one to the wall, secured 4 plugs, changed light bulbs, covered some wires, replaced a light socket and repaired another, installed a new toilet seat and replaced a faulty lock on the main door.  It took him all day.  We did, however, have time to go to dance class that evening.  

We had quite bit of contact with our family this week which was great.  We talked to all 4 of our kids and half of the grand kids.  We also talked to Ed's Dad, Ed's brother and Lynn's mom.  Nicole is quite sick and we are fasting for her as a family.  We know that this is going to help.  We got a great picture of Peter and Wilson's Kub Kars.  The big race is this week.  

Yesterday was our daughter-in-law, Lindsey's birthday.  We want to wish her all the best and trust that she had a great day.
Also, congratulations to The McDermid's on the arrival of Hazel, new daughter to Jaime and Tova and Sister to Wilson and Sully.  She is such a blessing to their family.  

We have set a date for Immaculate's baptism.  It will be on February 23 and will be in Reims.  we are quite excited about this and so is she. 

The rest of our week was spent getting ready to go to the London Temple.  We head out tomorrow.  There are 10 people from our Branch going.  We are catching the ferry at 1:35.  Needless to say, we are quite looking forward to this.

That's all we have for this week.  Stay tuned next week for all the news of our temple trip.

Au revoir de la France,
Lyndi-lou and Eddie, too

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