Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monday went great.  We did the things we usually do on Monday - cleaning, shopping, taking the Elders shopping, etc.

Things changed on Tuesday.  This being the last week of January, of course we had our Home Teaching to do.  The Lord gave us a clear message this week not to wait until the last week to do this assignment.  On Tuesday we jumped into our car to head up to Kate's house an hour away in Belgium.  We had our message all prepared and appointments set for this week.  

We jumped into our car much like Batman and Robin would have done into the Batmobile.  It fired up right away and then it stopped right away.  This pattern repeated itself several times before we gave up.  It would not go more than 30 feet.  We had to phone Kate and tell her we couldn't make it.  Now you need to understand our car is not a piece of junk.  It is a 2014 Opel Meriva which means nothing to any North Americans reading this but it is a passable car and we like it.

Ed phoned the dealer right away and they were able to get it in at 3:30 p.m.  Ed thought he would try to warm the car up before he attempted to move it.  The dealer is about 10 km. from our place.  This strategy seemed to work.  The motor stopped only twice on the way there and Ed was able to start it both times.  We got the first bad news just before closing.  Our car needed a new injector and it needed to be ordered.  It wouldn't be in until Thursday.

We got the next bad news on Thursday.  When they replaced the injector they found a faulty electrical circuit tied into it.  Of course, they had to order the part.  They put a rush order on it but because we would be in Paris on Friday and the dealer wasn't open on Saturday we couldn't pick up the car until Monday.  There we were grounded for pretty much an entire week.

Being the faithful missionaries that we are we didn't let that stop us.  We had to cancel our other HT appointment but we still taught our lessons and assisted missionary lessons with the Elders.  Ed also was able to help one of our members with some translation when he had a meeting with an immigration Counsellor.  

On Thursday we had a training meeting with another missionary couple who drove up to Charleville from the Paris area.  It looks like we will be facilitating two Self Reliance Groups with some of our Branch members.  Elder and Sister Graff came up to help us plan for this new task.  We had lunch together and spent the afternoon going through the manuals and figuring out how to proceed.  We were very grateful that we had their help and expertise to get us started.

On Friday we had a meeting in Paris with the Mission President, his wife and the other members of our district.  We interviewed with President and Sister Babin.  What great people.  They are very grateful for the work we are doing in Charleville and we are very grateful for their support and leadership.  We had a short district meeting with Elder Gagnon and then we headed for home.

On Saturday the weather was horrible.  When Ed went out running it was drizzling a little with a bit of a breeze but by afternoon it was raining hard with no end in sight.  We did get some shopping done, though, and some planning for our next Institute class.   This class looks awesome.  It is called "Foundations of the Restoration".  We are quite excited to teach it.  We also had our weekly DMB meeting (Branch Mission Leader meeting) with our 2 Elders.  Of course, they stayed for supper - lasagne soup and home made pretzels, big soft pretzels.  This is the second time we have made them.  They turned out great. 
We also got some good news on Saturday.  Elder Christofferson will be presiding at our Stake Conference on March 3.  What a blessing that will be.

Church went well today.  We heard a talk by Elder Gagnon in his good old Québecois accent on the joys of missionary work.  Laurent gave a great talk on the "Teaching for our Times" message.   Lynn taught an Institute review class.
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Obviously we're short photo's when we start including our Board of notes from our classes!  But, they were great classes.
We finished with a meeting after church today on our new self reliance initiative.  Each group chose when and how they were going to meet.

As you can see we did a lot even though we were on foot all week.  We know we are blessed.  It wasn't so bad not having a car all week.   Just imagine if we had headed off to Belgium on Tuesday and the car broke down half way in the middle of nowhere.  What a blessing.  We believe the Lord is looking out for us, once again.

As a bit of an aside,  we thought we'd share that our daughter Lise-Anne has made a website for her business.  We think it's amazing and thought you might want to take a look too.  Currently she designs and sells Knitting and Crochet patterns, amongst other things.  Hence "Fergus the frog" pictures below.  She has also been doing make-unders with her daughter Polly to help teach her about modesty.  These are some of the dolls they have made-under.  You can see the full transformation if you go to her website, then click on Blog spot at the top right.  We think she's done an amazing job.    Her website address is      

That is all we have for this week.

Au revoir de la France.
Lyndi-lou and Eddie, too.  

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