Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Visits and Visitors

Sunday, July 10, 2016

We just got back from taking Neil and Cheryl to the airport for their flight back to England.  It has been great having them here.  They just dug right in and helped out with our missionary schedule.  We took them for apartment checks, to district meetings, to ward activities, to apartment maintenance jobs, to classes, to meetings, to refugee camps and taking the missionaries shopping or purchasing supplies for them.  Our missionary work continued at a fairly regular pace.  We were grateful for their participation in all the things we did.

This week was no exception.  We had a rather demanding service project for one of our ward members, Lionel, a recent convert.  This involved cleaning out a room and moving some very heavy items.  These included desks, packages of tiles, wood, washers, dryers and dishwashers as well as what felt like a 10 ton cast iron bathtub.  But we got everything done and we were rewarded with a couscous meal that we took to our Wednesday night activity.  It actually felt great to help out and to support our friend.

We also had a District Meeting this week and a consecration day.  Our lesson was about safety.  We went over the Mission's evacuation guidelines.  We talked it through and clarified things.  We had a great meal of carrot dogs, chips, salad, bread, cheese and chocolate mousse.
Ed had interviews and had meetings afterward.  He also taught French Gospel class.  He taught the Word of Wisdom in French and  worked on the Past tense with the students.  They are all doing well.  They are feeling more confident about their French and speaking it more.  It is great to see their growth in ability and confidence.

Our Wednesday Night activity this week went very well.  We ate Lionel's couscous and we had a spiritual thought from Ed.  He talked about the importance of the Scriptures and how we can study them in ways that are interesting, effective and fun.  We then had an integration activity.  These are activities that we have started to do that help with the French language or help our anglophone members make connections with the francophone members.  We played a game that taught us the names for various fruits.  We had to exchange chairs when our fruit was called out in French.  Of course, there was one less chair than there was people so it got wild and wooly.

We did take some time in between activities, lessons and appointments to see some tourist sights including Bouillon Castle.  We made sure that Neil got some Belgian fries and a Belgian waffle.  We also took a trip into Paris.  We hung out with Ed's brother, we ate lots off good things and saw the sights.
Subway music is always fun to listen to. These guys were amazing!
Cooling off for a few minutes by the fountain.

The Eiffel Tower with a soccer ball hung in the middle to celebrate the Euro Cup. Go  France!  Tonight is the finale.
Resting in Luxembourg gardens.
Watching a few guys playing Pétanque.  It's very similar to our Bocce.
Sailboats in the Luxembourg gardens pond.  Ed and Darrell did this when they were little.

Check out these cool cat stockings.
A nice dinner at Darrell's apartment.
Good Food, Good company.
Flowers at the market.  So beautiful.

Can you spot Ed and Neil?  We're in the Jewish area.  One of our very favourite places. Rue Rossier.
After church today we loaded Neil and Cheryl up and took them to the airport in Luxembourg.  They fly to England before heading home to Canada on Thursday.  We took advantage of this opportunity to make a delivery to the Luxembourg Sœur's apartment.

The young missionaries came over for supper.  We had pad thai and then had our weekly DMB meeting (Branch Mission Leader).  In case you haven't figured it out, Ed is the Branch Mission Leader.

We had some bad news today.  One of our Branch amis, René fell and broke his femur yesterday.  He was operated on it this afternoon.  We hear it went well.  We feel for him.  He had a baptism date set for July 24 that will have to be rescheduled now.

Some more news on the home front.  Lynn's family had a family reunion last week set on a ranch in the Rockies.  You can't ask for a better setting.  Two of our kids and their kids went to represent our family.  They all had a great time until the hail hit.  It caused a great deal of damage, denting cars and trailers and ripping tents to shreds.  The hailstones were almost the size of golf balls.
To end on a bright note, it is our grand daughter Elle's birthday today.  She is turning 6.  We talked to her on the phone to wish her a happy birthday.  The shirt we sent her fit her perfectly.  She its have eggs, hash browns and waffles for her birthday breakfast.
Today is also our latest grandson Jonas's blessing.  Lise-Anne sent us a beautiful picture today all dressed up for the event.  What a cutie!
With that, we'll sign off.

Au revoir de la France,
Lyndi-lou and Eddie, too.

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