Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Sunday, April 17, 2016

This week was a little less hectic than most weeks because Lynn was sick all week and we had to slow down a bit.  However, instead of going 300 kilometres an hour we slowed down to 250.

We started the week off with a bang.  Last Sunday in our blog we mentioned that our grandson, Sam, was baptised.  It was also his sister Ady's birthday.  We were able to FaceTime the baptism.  It took place in the Sheep River near Okotoks.  There were lots of family and friends there.  It all went real well right up until Dustin and Sam went into the river and all of a sudden Spencer's phone went dead and we missed the rest.  We didn't get to see Sam's facial expression when he came out of the icy spring water of the Sheep River but we did reconnect in time for the confirmation.

Ady also turned 3 that day.  She was so excited.  We face timed her, as well.  She showed us the decorations they had put up, the balloons and some of the gifts she had received.  She is a little lacking in her face timing skills.  We see things upside down, backwards and we rarely see her face but she loves spending time with us and chattering.  We love it. 

As we have mentioned before we have the great blessing of teaching Institute.  Our students are great.  They have a love of the gospel and they are faithful in their attendance at class.  We cover some great topics that they really get involved in and that helps us all to grow together.  What a great way to learn. We are both loving it.

We had two cancellations this week.  On Tuesday we were supposed to visit a member in Belgium to help her with some yard work.  We had to cancel because Lynn and her weren't feeling well and the weather wasn't cooperating 100%.  We will re-schedule this activity.  Secondly we were supposed to go into Paris for a District conference.  This was cancelled because our Mission President was sick.  We had to exchange our train tickets for a future date.  This was quite a rigamarole.  It took us about half an hour.  I am sure the people in line behind us weren't too appreciative either as all four of us missionaries here were changing our tickets.

We are working on a couple of bigger missionary efforts that are coming up shortly.  We are having a District Consecration Day on April 19.  This involves all of the missionaries along with member participation helping to find people interested in hearing about the Gospel.  We talked this up at our Branch Council meeting today.  It will be a great activity.  We will have teams out contacting, an Open House at the church and materials available for anyone who is interested.  We are also planning a fireside for May 4.  We will have tours of the chapel, a video, testimonies and snacks.  Members will be available to help out and to answer any questions people may have about the church.

A great celebration took place on Saturday.  It was the annual Relief Society party to commemorate the founding of the Relief Society in 1842.  All of the sisters congregated at the chapel.  Everyone brought a little something to eat to share with the others.  They each displayed a talent that they had.  They played games, danced, sang and had great visits.  It was a great activity and lasted all afternoon.  And a wonderful surprise was that the Elders came and did all the clean up for us.  What great guys they are!

The skilful art of making Foofoo

Traditional African Gospel Dance

Sharon singing Gospel Music with an African twist.
French accordeon
Let the games begin!
Thanks to Ed this was wrapped tight!!!  But Claire had the great idea to use her teeth!
Quick!  Roll a six to switch!
What?? Another one??
Voila!  The prized Reims cookies!
While the women were doing that Ed and brother Dampt drove out to Stenay to see if we could find a member who we haven't seen for quite sometime.  Unfortunately we were unsuccessful but we had a great time and a lovely visit with each other.

After the Relief Society party we went to a car shown in Place Ducal.  There were a few old volkswagens.  There was a beetle, 3 vans and a Karman Ghia.  Early in the day there was an additional beetle and a VW truck.  There were some other older North American cars and an old Peugeot, all in good shape.  It was fun to see them despite the rain.
Of course church went well today.  We had 24 people out.  we had great lessons, talks and visits.  What a great day.
So pretty to see the blooming spring.
May God bless you all!

Au revoir de la France,
Lyndi-lou and Eddie, too.

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