Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Tale of Two Meals

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What a great week we have had.  It started off with Ed taking our car in for some repairs.  He dropped it off first thing in the morning at the dealers and took advantage of the opportunity to run home.  It took about an hour to get home but it was in a part of the city that he have never run in before.  As he ran and took in the surroundings he couldn't help feeling how blessed he was to be in France and to be serving a mission.

With Christmas just around the corner we can't help seeing festive signs all over.  All the shops have Christmas trees outside.  Our Christmas Marché is being set up.  There are lights all over town.  There is a huge decorated tree in Place Ducal.  We have even set up our own little tree in our apartment complete with decorations and lights.

This week we have titled our post "A Tale of Two Meals".  We did indeed have two special meals this week.  One was with our district and the Zone Leaders and the other was our annual Repas de Branche.  The meals were great but it is not the actual meal that was important but what came with the meals.

Our first special meal took place on Friday.  This was our weekly District Meeting meal.  This is an important meeting for us.  We establish goals and are taught.  We also hear counsel from our Mission President through the Zone Leaders of the District Leaders.  Our lesson this week was on Unity.  Elder Smith gave a great object lesson.  He blindfolded two missionaries and they had to do two different tasks that were in opposition to each other.  They could use only one hand and the other hand was kept behind the back of the other missionary.  So they were kind of tied at the hip so to speak.  Before them was a table full of food.  Elder McDonald had to make a sandwich while blindfolded and Elder Daines had to separate the food into what should go in the fridge and what should go into the cupboard.  They were opposed to each other in purpose but each had no idea what the other was asked to do.  Although this was very entertaining and funny it was the lesson that we learned that was important.  The message was on unity and how important it is as missionaries that we work together not only as a couple but as a district and even as a mission.  Each companionship did a goal setting session as a follow up.  It was really quite an amazing lesson in how do be most effective in the Lord's work.  And, as we have mentioned, we followed this up with a meal that was made up of home made soup by Lynn, pasta salad with cheese, bread, an oreo cheesecake and drinks. 
Our second meal took place on Saturday.  We had our annual Repas de Branche.  This is an opportunity for the members of our Branch to invite family and friends to an activity.  Our theme for this activity was taken from the scripture that reads:  "Verily, I say unto you, all those who receive my gospel are sons and daughters in my Kingdom." (D&C 25:1)  If we are all sons and daughters of his Kingdom then we in turn are all like Princes and Princesses.   Thus our theme - decked out with a Chateau on the wall, as centre pieces etc.  We had 31 in attendance who all had an enjoyable time.  We had a meal fit for a king with entrées, main meal, desserts, a cheese tray, salads, drinks and breads.  Of course, there was enough food for an army and everyone went home with some leftovers, especially those who needed it most.

Two things were special about our meal.  First of all were the activities that followed the meal.  (Thanks to Isabelle for planning and carrying out these activities).  Included among us were three friends from Sedan who attend a different congregation there.  One of them shared some of his poetry with us that he had written.  He did a great job.  It really brought a great spirit to the meeting.  
Then we played an awesome game centred around the theme of Princes and Princesses around the world, especially France.   Afterward we tried a medieval dance and finally Laurent shared his musical talents with us.
Florine and her talents.
Ben's talent for our table displays.
A great feast!
Oh the food!
A fun contest.
Another contest.  Which Prince does the best job?
Secondly people were overwhelmed with the love they felt from everyone.  Our members were very welcoming and loving with all of the guests.  They felt right at home and actively participated in all of the activities.  No one wanted to go home.  One of our visitors commented to her friend what a better ambience she felt here among us than at her own church.  It is important to know that this particular lady has visited us before and that she originally came to our church because we have the name of the Saviour in the name of our church.  She just has a hard time leaving the friends and responsibilities that she has in her own church and we understand that.

Another highlight this week was a visit to the mayor's office.  Laurent has been trying to put this together for quite some time.  This week we were successful.  We actually talked to the assistant mayor.  We wanted to introduce ourselves to offer the services of our members in anything that the city might need helping hands with.  We also just want to increase our visibility in Charleville-Mézières.  The meeting went well and we plan to do the same thing next week with the mayor.

Our classes and lessons went well this week.  Things are moving along nicely in this area.  We continue to love this part of our work.

On the home front this week, our grandson Max had a birthday.  Happy Birthday Max.  We love you!
Also our son, Spencer, and his wife, Nicole, opened up their new business.  They have opened a store in Lethbridge called "Ideal irepair".  They sell and repair cell phones, iPads  computers and tablets.  Their first week went well and they have some great ideas for where they want to go with their business.  We wish them well and, of course, we encourage everyone to pay them a visit.  You may want to check out their website at or visit their shop at 1308 Mayor Magrath Drive South.  We have been really happy with the support of all of the family for this venture from siblings, in laws and an uncle.  What a great way to get started.  We have also tried to share their business in any way we can, hence this little public awareness ad.  
Ideal irepair, Lethbridge, AB
Ideal irepair, Lethbridge AB
Sorry, that was just a little aside but all is going well on the mission.  

That's all for this week.

Au revoir de la France,
Lyndi-Lou and Eddie, too

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