Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Sunday, November 1, 2015

This week seemed to accentuate opposites.  

We are all faced with trials.  We have worries about families, about our callings, about money or about health.  We have experienced all of these things this week.  We, of course, turn to the Lord for guidance and we get it and we are strengthened by these challenges.  As we are strengthened we are blessed.  We become closer as a family.  We become better at our callings.  Our health improves.  We do a better job of spending.  Opposites - trials and blessings.

This week we had an opportunity to attend a Family History Conference in Lille.  Members of our Branch were presenting a session and we went with them.  We were able to attend several workshops helping us to connect with our deceased ancestors.  It was an awesome conference.  When we got home, on the same day we talked to our son and his family.  We loved talking to our grandchildren.  They are bright and bubbly and full of love.  They certainly uplift you no matter what you are doing.  Opposites - ancestors and posterity.
Isabel teaching her class on collecting and preserving memories.  Writing our own personal history.
The Ninja Turtle Michel's
A Native Princess and a cereal "killer"/eater.  
On Thursday we had a zone conference in Paris.  We left at 7:20 a.m.  We spent the day in Paris.  We didn't see many sites because we were busy but we did get some business done and we met a new missionary couple, the Monson's.  We showed Elder Monson a nice place to eat.  This week we passed our year mark making us and our dear friends Dave & Patti Redd, the missionary couples with the most experience in the mission.  Opposites - new couple - old farts.  
On our way to get our 2nd year legality.  The buses here are all Mercedes.
We came back to Charleville-Mézières at 8:11 p.m.  Good old Charleville, small, quaint, quiet and very French.   Paris, big, lively noisy and very international.  Opposites.

While we were in Paris we had to go to the prefecture to pick up our Titre de Séjour.  This little document allows us to legally stay in France for another.  In Charleville we have members and Friends of the Church who are fighting to stay in France.   Why can we have permission to stay and they are being asked to leave?  Opposites.

Even our car accentuated opposites this week.  A few weeks ago we drove to the Mission Home and picked up some winter tires.  They were brand new on brand new rims.  On Wednesday Ed put on the new tires and rims.  He took off the old tires, worn smooth well travelled - opposites.

We taught our French Gospel class this week.  It was a great lesson.  We can really see progress in the students.  They are feeling more confident about the Gospel and about speaking French.  All of our students are new to the gospel and the French Gospel class addresses the basics of the gospel.  At the other end of the spectrum we are starting an Institute program with these same students and with some more seasoned members.  Opposites - classes, students.
By now you are asking where we are going with all of this.  It is probably obvious that the message is that there is opposition in all things.  We need to learn from opposition.  What lessons did we learn this week?

1.  We were reinforced about the importance of family, our health and our love for each other and the love of our Heavenly Father.
2.  The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.  We love Charleville.  We have made great friends here.  We hope we are making a difference.  We are blessed here.  The church is strong here.  Despite the small numbers our members are full of faith and Heavenly Father's spirit is always present in our meetings.
3.   A mission is a great thing.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve here in France.  We love to pass on our joy and gratitude to those recently arrived missionaries.
4.  Like our old tires we sometimes feel worn out and need a facelift or an uplift.  We need to turn to our Heavenly Father and ask for his guidance.  We need to put on the Armour of God and continue with our progression with a positive outlook and a smile upon our face.
5.  Why are we allowed to stay in France and others are not?  This is a difficult question and one that is heart-wrenching.   We do know however that Heavenly Father loves us all.  He knows us personally and will help us through all of our struggles. And hopefully we will emerge stronger because of adversity.
6.  Now that we have people who have been introduced to the gospel, we need to feed their thirst for knowledge.  Institute class is a great way of doing this.   Blessings will come as a result.

We learn through opposition.  Some opposition is good.  The hand of the Lord is with all of us.

A Branch activity Saturday night.  Everyone had lots of fun.
Ed with Elder Daines and Elder Adams.  Florine peaking through the side. 
Au revoir de la France
Lyndi-Lou and Eddie, too.


  1. This was such an enjoyable message to read. It's always interesting the lessons we get to learn if we look for them through the experience. We love following the blog and your adventures. It was nice to see Ed in front of a chalkboard again. Thinking of you both.

  2. Thanks Amy. So glad you enjoyed it. It's nice to think of you reading it. It's fun teaching together with Ed but I really love watching him teach too. He's a master. The class loves it and they seem to be learning a lot.