Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Heat Wave

Sunday, July 1, 2015

Despite the title of this post we need to start by talking about Canada Day.  We both were well prepared to spend Canada Day in Europe.  Ed brought his Canadian tie to wear on July 1.  Lynn brought her Canadian earrings.  We brought a Canadian flag to hang on our balcony.  We were all ready.  However, where were we on Canada Day and where were our Canadian accoutrements?  We were in Nancy and all that we had that was Canadian was in Charleville, 3 hours away.  We did not have a very patriotic Canada Day but we did think how cool it is to be Canadian.  Now all that we brought for Canada Day will only be able to be used once on our mission.

Now let's get to the heat wave.  We could not believe how hot this week was.  By Wednesday we were in 38 degree weather.  The thermometer hit 40 several times during the week.  We went into survival mode.  We drank lots of water.  We cranked up the old fan and we opened and closed windows depending on where the sun was.  

Of course for two days of the heat wave we were in Nancy.  We were working on getting rid of things from the Gionet's apartment.  We have to have it completely empty by the end of July.  It was hard to do any work in the heat.  We had the Redds with us.  Elder Redd and Ed took a couch to Colmar.  They helped us out a lot.  They took a fridge and a stove and some other stuff to be used in other missionary apartments.  But it was hard to work to capacity in the heat we were experiencing. 
Us with the Redd's in Place Stanislas in Nancy
Nancy on a very hot summer night.
We sorted out some other things before going home.  We were able to determine what we were prepared to give away and what we could use in other missionary apartments.  Before we left we put signs on everything that was available for the taking for members in Nancy.  When we got home we contacted the Relief Society  President and the Bishop in Nancy.  We sent them the list of what was available and pictures.  They can distribute it as they see fit through Elder Karl, the Zone Leader who lives there.  We hope they take most of it and what is left we will give to a second hand store.

Despite the heat, the work moved forward.  We taught a number of lessons this week and we helped get ready for a baptism.  We love this part of what we do.  People who are interested in the church thirst for knowledge.  It feels awesome when we have the right answers for them or when the Holy Ghost guides us what to tell them.  We also went to our district meeting on Tuesday and had some great instruction from Elder Bigelow.  He always does an amazing job and we love the effort that he puts into our district.  We had a lovely meal of barbecued chicken, salad, apple flan and drinks.

On July 2 we celebrated our 38th anniversary.  We had a good day.  We started off in Nancy.  Lynn and Soeur Redd went to the bakery to get some bakery goodies and, as it turns out, some lunch goodies, too.  We drove home listening to an awesome audio book - "The Robe", an oldie but a goodie.  When we got home we went out to a cool little crêperie around the corner from our place.  We both ordered a different crêpe and shared them.  It was a great day.
The Musée Rimbaud just near our square.  An old Mill.  Beautiful spot.
Just near the river near our house.
Our Carousel in Place Ducal

Place Ducal is always changing.  Now they've added a couple of puppets, getting ready for the International Marionette Festival in September.  Here is a cool looking dragon and below is a huge puppet and a smaller puppet on his knee.  It's really quite amazing.

On Friday we went to Reims to do an apartment check and to take a new table and chairs to the Elders living there.  We then brought back Elder Ericson and Elder Libby as they were coming to Charleville to do a baptismal interview here.  They had just received their ipads from their zone conference the previous day.  We had a sad thing happen this week.  The office in Paris was broken into and there were 70 ipads stolen among other things.  It is very sad for our missionaries.  It is too bad things like that occur, nevertheless we move forward and do our best through these circumstances.
The Reims Elders with their Ipads.  They are showing their willingness to "share" now that it is necessary because of the theft.  Kudos to them or making the best of a sad situation, Elders Libby, Kayesville, Utah, Rodriguez from Virginia, Elder Ericson from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Elder Hogenson from Spanish Fork Utah.
Elder Libby above and Elder Ericson below.
We had to stop on our way to Charleville so these guys could get a picture with Woinic.  The biggest Sanglier in the world.
The spiritual high of the week was our third baptism in as many weeks.  President Babin and Soeur Babin came to Charleville to be part of the event.  We were very grateful for them doing this.  Much of the program was in English because the person being baptised speaks English.  We held the baptism at the same place as the other two previous baptisms.  There were a lot of people there.  We had 28 people at church including a visiting couple from Idaho.  One of our less active members came to church and stayed for the baptism.  The spirit was great.  The talks were done in both French and English.  We followed up with a Branch meal which was also great.

The Lord continues to love us and we love him.  We see and feel his support every day.  We love what we do.  We love our family and we love hearing from them.  We love their support, too.

Thank you everyone for your support.
Au revoir de la France.

Lyndi-lou and Eddie, too.

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