Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Lyndi-lou and Eddie too...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tech and Talks

Sunday, March 8

We accomplished a fair bit this week but much of it centered around the needs of the new missionaries' apartment here and around the needs of the Branch.
Cool picture of the spiral staircase going up to the Elders' Apartment.  Makes you dizzy just looking at it.  50 stairs to climb up to there apartment.  Marble stairs at the bottom.
This week was quite a techie week.  We got a new administrative computer for our Branch.  At our last district meeting in St. Quentin the facilities manager gave us a new computer with instructions on how to change it over.  Of course, instructions or not Ed was up to his eyeballs in not knowing how to do it.  Ed is not really a tech-savy dude.  Thanks to a phone call for assistance from Salt Lake and after talking to 3 different people he finally got the new computer up and running.

Our Branch has just started publishing a weekly bulletin to keep everyone up to speed with what is going on.  We bought a new multifunction printer to allow us to print this off.  So Ed also had to set that up which he actually was able to do with no assistance other than the paper directions that came with it.  He felt like phoning Salt Lake back and telling them how well he did.
Ed hard at work successfully installing the printer in our Genealogy Centre. Isabelle is trying to get the internet working but to no avail.
We also need a new computer in our Genealogy Centre.  The old one bit the dust.  Ed took the old computer to the stake tech guy to see if he could fix it but it is shot apparently.  So, anyway, we went computer shopping with Isabelle, one of our members and very knowledgeable with technology.  We found a great computer and are waiting for approval from the stake to buy it.

The missionary apartment is coming along fine.  We continued buying stuff for it this week.  We went to look at a second hand stove on Monday.  It was in a cool little neighbourhood of Charleville called Montcy St. Pierre.  It used to be a separate village but got swallowed up by Charleville but still has a lot of a village charm. 
A Monastery right by the river.  It was beautiful!
The stove was great and was a good price which included delivery and installation.  However the mission office would rather that we buy a new one because of warranty issues.  On Friday Ed went and got one to be delivered next week.  We did some cleaning and rearranging and Ed put together a bookshelf.  He also took all the cardboard, styrofoam and plastic to the dump. He has always liked a good trip to the dump.  Lynn stayed home cooked up a pot of black beans.  They tasted delicious.

Saturday was absolutely beautiful and everyone was out walking.  Our little square was packed with people enjoying the sunshine.  The outdoor cafés were full with onlookers.  Spring is definitely in the air.
Our tiny garden outside of our chapel. Isn't this just the best view.  We really love our little chapel.
Both of us had to give talks at church this week.  Lynn talked on Repentance.  She worked hard all week and did a great job.  Ed spoke on wearing the true Armour of God.  He wove a little Asterix into his talk to spruce it up a bit.  Both talks were well received.  The best part is that they are done.
Cool chapel outside of a cemetary here in Charleville-Mézières

We have had a busy week but that's just how it is on a mission.  Bye for now.

Au revoir de la France,
Lyndi-lou and Eddie too. 

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